Clients & Testimonials

Our reputation was built on word of mouth. Since the quality of our work is our most important asset, what our clients say about us is telling.


Allan MacDonald
GreenMount Foods

Bella’s empathy for those she works with and laser-like understanding, enable her to get to the essence of anything being discussed. We have used Bella to help us with market intelligence, market insights, marketing program development and have been thoroughly impressed with her professionalism and tolerance under pressure. Her knowledge of New Zealand lifestyles and society, along with those of Australia has been very useful to us.

Australia is a very competitive market. Australian business people are amongst the best in the world and it is not a place to go in half-cocked and unsure of what you are selling and to whom. If you intend to succeed in the Australian market, do yourself a favour and talk to Bella before you go and if you are there and struggling.


Asaf Weis
Business Development / Owner

Every marketing person I’d been exposed to seemed focused towards consumer branding, arty design houses and other fluff. They never really understood manufacturing and what we needed. Bella was completely different! I never once felt that I needed to explain to her the world that a manufacturer deals in. She understands who our customers are and what we need to do to appeal to them. That’s what manufacturing is all about. Making something and making it well. In this regard Bella’s style fits perfectly. She simply gets it. When I speak to Bella about an idea or when she comes to me with something, which can be on a Sunday night via email, I don’t feel like she’s clocking on and counting billables. I would recommend Bella to any manufacturer who’s seeking to increase their market profile. She has become an invaluable resource to our business.


John Ball
Soft Tech Group 

We engaged Bella Katz to prepare a marketing plan for a new product. What we got was a valuable insight into how our organisation was perceived in the marketplace, and how to position our products and services for success. I would recommend Bella for her honesty, tenaciousness and professionalism.


Kim Campbell
Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA)

Bella Katz is an outstanding marketing professional. As well as the normal capabilities you expect in a business consultant, her practical, hands-on approach to getting things done sets her apart. From concept to execution, she has an unusual talent for communicating her vision, producing a plan and getting the whole team to support it. Bella successfully transformed the entire positioning of our national forklift sales and servicing operation. I recommend her as a first-rate marketing and communications expert for any task small or large across a wide range of product categories.


Michael E. Bernard
Managing Director
Bernard Group 

Bella worked for us on a marketing research and brand-positioning project for a new program we are preparing to market and the result was outstanding. She displayed a broad skill set that was needed for the marketing and branding project. She helped identify the unique strengths of our program relative to the competition and formulated practical and multiple steps for us to take that flowed from her detailed market analysis. Bella came very well recommended from another company and she more than delivered. I can sincerely recommend her without hesitation.


Ian Berger
Delf Architectural 

Bella is clear thinking, intuitive and thorough. I was surprised by her honesty. Rather than tell me what I wanted to hear, her research gave a clear understanding of how our customers see us – much of which was critical. As a result, we are revising our channel strategy, looking at how we incentivise staff, how we build brand awareness with customers and reestablish strong relationships with resellers. I recommend her without hesitation.


Ben Dougall
Omega Security Solutions 

Bella is an articulate creative thinker with the rare ability to gain an instant appreciation of your business and industry. She is proactive, in tune with sector trends and a pleasure to do business with. Her patience is also remarkable. I happily recommend her.


David Harvey
Chief Executive

Bella Katz insightfully set out to professionalise the branding of a small professional body that was growing fast and going global. Bella had the perspective and skills to recognise where we needed to be and how we needed to look. She moved us along with persuasion that brought people with her. She is rewarding to work with as a team member, team leader and colleague. We’d certainly work with her again.


Peter Applebaum
Founder & Managing Director
Tick Yes 

An active decade in the digital space is one indication of Bella’s ability. What cements her position as one of the industry’s true leaders, however, are her intelligence, passion and vision – a rare combination indeed. If you want a quality thinker and a committed, organised doer, you can’t do better than Bella.


Susan Werkner
Managing Director
Interactive Investor 

Bella is a consummate professional and has worked with us on a number of client projects. She is extremely capable and commercial in her approach with a strong understanding of both marketing and research. I would recommend her highly.


Michael Hewitt-Gleeson
School of Thinking 

I’ve known Bella professionally for 13 years in several contexts – from running a branch operation for a digital marketing firm to establishing her own consultancy business. I’ve sought her advice on a range of marketing problems and she has always responded with fresh, cost-effective and evidence-based solutions. She also has the wisdom to see things from other peoples’ perspectives. These qualities give her work a true distinction and a special value for her clients.

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