Kumfs rebranded as Ziera. Do the market buy it?

Ziera has been in Australia since 1995. In 2010 the company underwent a major rebrand from their former name, Kumfs. The purpose of the rebrand was to step away from grandma and make a play for the daughter. That’s no small feat (feet?) in any industry – it’s a major perception shift. The words fashion and comfort are a rare pairing, but fashion and orthotics is a giant leap of Neil Armstrong proportions.

However, it’s not entirely implausible. Birkenstock and Dr. Martens certainly didn’t start out as style icons. Even the very popular Spanish label Camper is known as both trend and comfort. Credit must go to managing director and third generation owner Andrew Robertson for wanting to grow his family business and build a greater brand.

Can Ziera gain a significant foothold in this broader market or is it a step too far from the older, loyal customer base?

Thinking of rebranding? Think again

When it comes to rebranding I have one word for you. Monday. It was in fact a Monday in 2002 that the (then) PricewaterhouseCoopers spun off its consultancy arm under a new brand, the aforementioned ‘Monday’.

The jokes wrote themselves then as they do now and as the BBC news website announced in its obituary on 31 July 2002: “MONDAY passed away quietly on Tuesday after a short but controversial life.” It was a terrible name and a silly concept for a reputable accountancy firm with such a strong history.

Even for a start up, think twice before you undertake a rebrand, consider the value of the business you have already created and the reputation you’ve built in your market. Can you afford to throw all that away because someone suggested you could do with a better name and logo? …