Research key to B2B success in Australia

Last week I spent several days in Auckland, presenting a talk on marketing to Australia and meeting with many different businesses that have Australia in their sights.

It’s always interesting to meet the people behind the companies and, rightly or wrongly, you get a feel for whether they’re likely to find a market here in Oz. This time around, I caught up with a number of manufacturing businesses.

No doubt about it, New Zealand has no shortage of ideas and innovation, and with the right business case Australians will sit up and listen. Australians can’t resist a good business case and any company looking to grow here should come armed with a strong one…

Is the new NZ Story relevant to business Australia?

The 100% Pure New Zealand brand has been a powerful one, executed beautifully ever since it first launched in 1999. In the early years of the campaign, Tourism Australia had plenty to be envious of.

Some nitpickers may even say a little of the credit belongs to Australia. The soundtracks, after all, were by two Aussie band – Youth Group and Crowded House, which the Aussies also claim as their own (controversial, I know). And now, Australia has reason to gloat again. The New Zealand Story, a campaign that Tourism New Zealand launched on November 6, was a concept created by Australian agency Principals.

Whichever way you look at it, Australia and New Zealand are inextricably linked. Which makes this latest campaign a little confusing for us here in Australia. In it there’s affirmation of Australia’s importance, but also a clear dissociation…