Kiwi universities should target Australian students

An article in the papers here in Australia last week reported that it was cheaper for rural Australian students to complete their degrees overseas, including all costs to live on campus.

A three-year agricultural degree was singled out, apparently costing Australians $60,000 to complete at New Zealand’s well-regarded Lincoln University compared with over $100,000 at the University of Melbourne.

For Australian students, New Zealand has the advantage of being close, relatively cheap, and providing qualifications that are often seen as equally good. It seems to me this is a very good time for New Zealand universities and colleges to focus their marketing efforts a little closer to home…

Icebreaker leadership change

The big news in New Zealand last week was Rob Fyfe’s appointment as new CEO of Icebreaker. As Jeremy Moon takes a step back from the company he founded in 1994, for the first time in the brand’s history someone else can call the big shots.

The streets are littered with companies founded on the passionate personal ideals of the men and women who created them; only to have lost their way when new management came in. (Must not mention Pumpkin Patch again. Must not mention Pumpkin Patch again.) Then every so often there are true business gems, those great companies that become even greater when new leaders take the reigns.

As the brand grows and management requires ever-greater returns, will the Icebreaker story – effectively Jeremy Moon’s story – still retain its founding principles without its Founding Principal? …