Rethinking tech marketing

From my experience here on the marketing side, many techs get it very wrong by assuming people are excited by the complexity of their platforms. Their marketing is technical, their conversation is littered with jargon and their branding is as exciting as reading a washing machine manual.

Unbeknownst to them, no one (apart from the programmers in the IT department) is interested in that level of detail. However, everyone is interested in the simple story behind what your complex idea actually does.

Unlike far too many technology companies, Vend knows how to generate excitement around its product and build a brand people remember. It will no doubt help sales and, equally as important, it will attract likeminded people to work for them…

Bringing the power of choice to Australia

I’ve just become one of the 10,000 or so Australians who switched electricity providers to Powershop. It’s a brand that’s likely to be familiar to most of you Kiwis, but here in Australia it’s still a very new name in a recently deregulated market.

Australians’ attitude to their utility company and other big providers such as the banks has been neither here nor there. Despite a reputation as being loud-mouthed and tough-as-nails, Aussies do in fact share New Zealanders “she’ll be right” attitude.

There have been some dodgy energy companies knocking on doors and signing people over unwittingly, so Meridian’s cheeky little brother may need to assure Australians that it’s both a disruptor and a respectable brand…