Research key to B2B success in Australia

Last week I spent several days in Auckland, presenting a talk on marketing to Australia and meeting with many different businesses that have Australia in their sights.

It’s always interesting to meet the people behind the companies and, rightly or wrongly, you get a feel for whether they’re likely to find a market here in Oz. This time around, I caught up with a number of manufacturing businesses.

No doubt about it, New Zealand has no shortage of ideas and innovation, and with the right business case Australians will sit up and listen. Australians can’t resist a good business case and any company looking to grow here should come armed with a strong one…

Time for change at Pumpkin Patch

Five years ago I wrote a blog post about New Zealand children’s retailer Pumpkin Patch. I thought the brand had lost its way and that its former glory as beloved New Zealand company founded by Sally Synott in 1990, was fading.

At the time I had a young daughter and was discouraged by what was on offer in their largest Melbourne store. I conducted a very anecdotal piece of research, canvassing about 30 friends with kids via Facebook and Survey Monkey. It wasn’t exactly in-depth marketing research, but the response was universal: Pumpkin Patch wasn’t that great.

So several months later, I ended up sitting across the table from then-CEO Maurice Prendergast and the creative director. Let’s just say the meeting did not go well…