A2 milk story wins greater market share

New Zealand’s A2 Corporation (A2C) is working some serious brand magic – in spite of the debate about the health benefits of their a2 milk.

According to the February figures released by A2C, a2 brand fresh milk sales grew by 28.3 per cent in 2013 and they now hold around 8 per cent market share in the Australian grocery channel. What makes these results even more extraordinary, is that while home brand milk has forced prices down (and many farmers out of business), a2 milk commands a premium in a high commodity market.

Both Fonterra and Parmalat, neither of them with an A2 milk product on the market, have been vocal in their doubts of the science. At this moment in time, the controversy has worked in A2C’s favour. Customer’s mistrust of large corporations makes these arguments fall on deaf ears. Look again in five years time though, when A2 grows so large that it joins the bureaucratic herds…

Telecom to rebrand as Spark

Once in a while something magical happens just as an editorial deadline approaches. The fog of writer’s block lifts and there it is: a gift from the advertising agency heavens. Spark.

For us marketers, the temptation to rebrand is like a disease. In fact it is a rite of passage for a shiny new marketing manager to suggest a rebrand in the first week of the first job they take. Several years go by. The marketing manager faces the boardroom firing squad multiple times, is made redundant a couple of times and takes on a more weathered resilience. Then, in the best cases, like a butterfly they reemerge with commercial acumen and genuine ability.

Why change a name that has so much history, meaning, brand recognition and relevance to something that already feels dated? …