Is the new NZ Story relevant to business Australia?

The 100% Pure New Zealand brand has been a powerful one, executed beautifully ever since it first launched in 1999. In the early years of the campaign, Tourism Australia had plenty to be envious of.

Some nitpickers may even say a little of the credit belongs to Australia. The soundtracks, after all, were by two Aussie band – Youth Group and Crowded House, which the Aussies also claim as their own (controversial, I know). And now, Australia has reason to gloat again. The New Zealand Story, a campaign that Tourism New Zealand launched on November 6, was a concept created by Australian agency Principals.

Whichever way you look at it, Australia and New Zealand are inextricably linked. Which makes this latest campaign a little confusing for us here in Australia. In it there’s affirmation of Australia’s importance, but also a clear dissociation…

Manufacturers the unsung heroes

Manufacturers are too often the quiet achievers in the world of brand and marketing. Where consumer brands come out singing and waving their hands to be noticed, many manufacturers operate so far under the radar that a $100m company could go unnoticed by the average Joe for its entire existence.

But not right now. Manufacturing is having a huge moment in the spotlight in Australia, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

Company closures and question marks over the sustainability of the manufacturing industry in Australia are daily headlines. In light of the bad rap manufacturing is getting, I thought I’d dedicate this week’s column to one of the little known – at least in the consumer world – New Zealand manufacturers with a large Australian presence. How I came across this company, Autex, is purely coincidental…